Friday, 2 June 2017

Dawlish Chronicles Blog moved to new address

This Blog will note that it is now appearing directly on the website, which has been upgraded to improve appearance and readability. This and subsequent bogs can be accessed from the box at the bottom of the Home Page (or click on 
Notifications  of new articles will be provided, as before, via Facebook and Twitter. 

These blog articles will be accessible also through the "Conflict" archive, which now contains some 200 articles, covering naval and other history from the 17th to early 20th Century. Click here to see the listings.

The Home page now also includes a search function (magnifying -glass symbol at top right) which is useful for searching for topics on the site and, in particular, the Conflict lists.

I hope that you'll enjoy my blogs as much in the new format as in the old!

Best Wishes: Antoine Vanner


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